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Reading through The Metaverse by Matthew Ball - Persistence

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Persistence in The Metaverse?

The Metaverse by Matthew Ball... I'm continuing to read, learn and enjoy this great book. I take issue with one part: (see below) Will the interactions we take with the m'verse be recorded and preserved? If they are, will all parts of the m'verse support the recollection of our interactions in the same way?

Persistence is in some ways, the opposite of virtual. In the real world we deal with matter and energy, actions and use of force. Ball uses the metaphor of footprints in the snow (very poetic!) This requirement for persistence stems from the "real world" and also how some games / worlds have tried to implement interactions with the game.

The problem with this requirement, is that ownership of something virtual triumphs over persistence. The owner of something can and will decide to what degree it is persistent. Let's do some thought experiments. Let's say you own a virtual jeans shop in the m'verse. You create a new style in black, and it goes viral. Suddenly celebrities are wearing them. Then, you see a model in the m'verse wearing your style, but they are green. #metaverse #metahuman #identity #ownership #persistence

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