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The Metaverse Standards Forum

The MSF is doing the job of identifying and coordinating standards development organizations (SDOs) within the Metaverse "vertical" market. You can visit here:

TotalVU Corp is participating in this effort as a Principal Member. Where we can most add value are in the following areas of the MSF:

  • MSF processes

  • Metaverse Identity and Ownership

  • Metaverse Networking

  • Metaverse Video

  • ESports

Our team have decades of standards experience including IEEE, 3GPP, ACM, SPARC Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, MIDI MA, Producers Guild, Writers Guild, Motion Picture Academy, Television Academy.

While the MSF does not develop standards, the services planned include important functions to help SDOs consider all industry interests in their standards.

Future posts will talk about the areas where TotalVU can contribute and our ideas about how those areas should evolve.

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