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Viewer-controlled experience to enhance high engagement

Tech highlights

Ins and Outs

  • We broadcast in sub-second latency (webRTC) or stream with your chosen delay (HLS).

  • No change to your usual production workflow for Esports, Sports or entertainment. We tap in to video & audio router or split camera feeds.

  • For HLS streaming we use AWS Cloudfront CDN, or your choice of additional CDNs.

  • Patented streaming technique offers up to 64 synchronized, audience selectable feeds.

  •  Live or VOD feeds.

  • Contribution via most protocols, especially webRTC, SRT or RTMP.

  • Cellphone based contributions.

  • Scalable to millions of viewers.

Fan experiences

  • ​We are browser based, we adapt to your UI and choice of our large list of features.

  • We tap into your API to personalize the fan experiences.

  • We integrate to your website with a few lines of code, or we can host.

  • Integrated video WatchParties and remote audiences.

  • Integrated chat with GIPHY, moderation.

  • Provide our own game servers or use yours.

  • Graphics or video skins.

  • Audio environments.

  • Audio emotes.

  • Integrated Shopify with custom merch.

Virtual meet and greet with talents

In-app purchases

Premium features and content

Alcoholic drinks and snack deliveries

Custom merchandise

New revenue sources

New Revenue Sources

Let us make it easier for you!

We bring help to assist you along your experience. Let us know how we can help.

Empower your audience to listen and watch

Provide your audience with new audio experiences


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