Reading through The Metaverse by Matthew Ball - Standardization

I continue to read through the book and chime in thoughts. Still a fascinating book, and highly recommended! Ball skips over the standardization of the mobile phone and more importantly the networks that power it, which were conceived with goals

entirely unrelated to the goals of Internet protocols. While I wished that my "alma mater" Nokia had led the way toward a shared spectrum approach, Nokia and all of the 3GPP process achieved monumental radio networking capabilities that remain independent from and superior to those of the non-real time Internet.

As a result of the spectrum ownership model incorporated into the 3GPP standards, the standardization of cellphone networks was created with new PHY and MAC layer capabilities. They were focused on achieving the ability to hold a connection while the phone was in motion... sometimes in quite rapid motion. More on this in a later post.

So will there be a 3GPP-like standards process for the Metaverse? What can we learn from some of the more successful standards efforts, such as 3GPP, IETF, IEEE?

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