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What is the difference between streaming and real-time video?

These days, the word streaming refers to everything from watching Netflix, to watching Twitch, YouTube and Facebook, err Meta.. live. And what does "live" mean anyway?

Real-time video is similar to video conferencing, where you can create a Zoom room or a Google Meet or a Skype and talk to each other without much delay. The video is fast enough, you can hold a conversation, and even see that everyones mouth is pretty much in sync with their words.

With streaming, there are one or two people on screen doing something (not what you are thinking) like talking, teaching something, or streaming their gameplay of the latest FPS. You in the audience can't talk to them, and they can't talk to you. They can't even see you. All they can do is read your chat to them, and thank you for your donation.

So, with real time, you are able to connect with the player, teacher, coach. You can see each other, talk to each other, show each other's gameplay. When you donate, or subscribe, or tip, you can tell them something, and they will respond! Right to you.

With a little imagination you can see that changes everything.

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